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Resortalia administración de fincas
Resortalia administración de fincas

Resortalia, your trustworthy property management company


A great team of dynamic, qualified, motivated, coordinated, and bilingual professionals, who are Property Administrators, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Economists, and Journalists.

With integrity, transparency and honesty as our flagship.

With the most advanced technological means to offer support (BIM, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbox, 24 hours, APP’s).

With more than 15 years of experience specialising in Multilingual Resorts.

…This is Resortalia.


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Let us know about any problem that arises in your community of owners , we will help you to resolve it.

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up to date payments

If you need a certificate to certify that you are up to date with all payments in your community of owners.

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Notify changes of address so that you can continue to be notified of all official acts and documentation.


Property management for your peace of mind

What is community management? At Resortalia, as leaders in the property management market, we are very clear about what our tasks are. We start from the basis that an agile and decisive property administrator must not only look after the most visible part of its competences and functions, but that the efficiency in the integral and continuous control of the providers will be what ensures the benefit of your community in the short and long term.

At Resortalia you will find a great team of professionals who are experts in property administration and who are specialised in its optimal management; a team that will ensure continuous effective functioning, controlling the financial, technical and legal matters of your community. At Resortalia we specialise in multilingual property management, satisfying the needs of our clients and resolving any problem that may arise within your community of owners in any of the spoken languages of its occupants.

The professionalism and proficiency expertise make Resortalia the best choice. Our multidisciplinary composition and experience guarantee an excellent service in all areas that a Resort may require. Resortalia’s financial affairs are carried out by expert economists and accountants who are up to date with the latest changes in accounting and financial matters in the Property Management sector, resulting in your community being managed to the best of its ability.

Not only do we achieve significant savings for our clients, but we also provide solutions that give presidents and committees the time and support they need to achieve their objectives without the hassle that normally accompanies their roles. At Resortalia you will find a team dedicated to the tasks necessary to achieve a continuous and effective policy in terms of the administration of your community, planning strategies and carrying out the development of each line of work necessary to optimise the results we set out to achieve.

Our values

Resortalia is your trusted property management company, governed by three fundamental pillars: commitment, transparency and quality. All of these are interrelated and make the difference with respect to other companies. Our concern is your wellbeing.

Our values




Servicio de calidad


What they say about us


Phil Ryan

President of Terrazas de la Torre Golf Resort

“Resortalia are very flexible and are able to provide any service you require”.

Graham Ryder

Vice-President EUCC Roda Golf & Beach Resort

“I feel much happier knowing that you will all be here managing the resort, no matter who the owners choose.

Henry Reed

Past President of Terrazas de la Torre Golf Resort

 “I was President of the Resort for three years and at all times found the service to be very supportive, good and efficient managers, who provided a comprehensive service.”

Board of Directors of EUCC Roda Golf & Beach Resort

 “The Vice President of the EUCC, Mr. Mario Martínez Mompeán expressed that his opinion of Resortalia was very positive and that, unlike other administrators, you can contact specialised departments (Customer Service, Recoveries, Resort Manager, and supplier management, Legal and Finance) directly, which means a great agility and professionalism in the treatment of issues”.