Property management

Why is Resortalia a better option for your Resort?


Because we are Specialists: More than 15 years of specialisation in the management of Large Resorts.


Because we are Multidisciplinary: Lawyers, Economists, Accountants, Auditors, Architects, Engineers and Journalists, working as a team for your Community.


Because we are transparent, honest and independent and we do not charge commissions to suppliers.


Because we work against the debtors of your communities: thanks to a proactive management of non-payments and immediate national or international legal claims, the delinquency rate of the Resorts we manage is less than 3% of the dues paid.


Because we are exclusively focused on your Community: Exclusive focus on Property Management (we are not a real estate agency, we do not manage rentals, we do not manage repairs).

Resortalia: your professional property management team

At Resortalia we are clear about our work, starting with the question: What is a community management company? This term designates a community management company that manages communities and is responsible for ensuring the correct functioning of the same, controlling the financial, technical and legal matters necessary for its optimal maintenance and economic management.

“At Resortalia we are committed to an economically efficient model so that both the community as a whole and its owners obtain the best benefits”.

One of Resortalia’s best endorsements is the work carried out by our professionals, in all the areas of our competence (Legal, Recoveries, Financial, Project Management, Supplier Management, etc.). Our experienced professionals are experts and up to date with the latest changes in this complex sector of community management, which will achieve an efficient management of your community of owners.

Resortalia guarantees significant savings and personalised solutions that will help the daily activity of presidents and committees, offering effective and real support for the achievement of the community’s objectives.

Resortalia is dedicated to quality and commitment in community administration.

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Resortalia carries out the multilingual administration of the estates of numerous communities belonging to urbanisations, among which the following stand out:

What do we do?

Any issue in Resortalia is managed by experts who are up to date with the latest changes in the Community Management sector, to achieve an efficient management of your community of owners, achieving significant savings by offering continuous advice to the president, the community committee and all the members of the community:

What do we do?
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  • Integral accounting of the community of owners.

  • Comprehensive management of common expenses.

  • Preparation of budgets and reports with rendering of accounts.

  • Management of indemnities with the insurance companies of the owners’ insurance policies.


  • Keeping an up-to-date register of members.

  • Drafting and notification of the minutes of the meetings.

  • Preparation and notification of the agendas of the General Meetings.

  • Execution of ordinary acts for the administration and conservation of the complex.

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  • Monitoring of the regulations according to the Horizontal Property Law.

  • Acting on the legal and regulatory rules on co-ownership of properties.

  • Out-of-court claims for non-payment of community fees.

  • Urgent actions following agreements with the President.

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  • Proposing to the President the application of penalties or sanctions.

  • Reporting the occurrence of any unlawful event occurring within the community.

  • Bringing to the attention of the President any acts of damage or illegal occupation.

  • Receiving queries and suggestions from any member of the community.

Services on Demand

At Resortalia we offer you a Cost Reduction Analysis (C.R.A.): the high quality of our services can help you to considerably reduce the costs of your community while maintaining the level of service.

Account Auditing: at Resortalia we are registered in the Official Register of Account Auditors (R.O.A.C.) and we are experts in analysing the accounting situation of each community and offering improvements to be carried out in order to reverse any imbalanced situation.

With Resortalia, communities with a high number of debtors can be controlled. Our experience gives us reliability. We are confident that the use of our extrajudicial, judicial and settlement of dispute strategies will reduce said debts considerably.


Problems with your cash-flow, budgeting or accounting? We are specialists, let us help you.


Resortalia has in-house lawyers who specialise in the Horizontal Property Law and in the management of communities of owners. We offer coverage in matters of compliance with Social Agreements and Statutes, Modification of Regulations, Construction Defects Claims, Injunctions, etc.


Resortalia is committed to the benefits of new technologies, which is why we always recommend the creation of a web page that allows you to transmit information to your neighbours, reinforce the social component of the same, access documents, modify owners’ details, etc.

Constitution of Communities: If your community is not yet constituted, at Resortalia we help you to form it by carrying out the necessary procedures, drafting and registering statutes that guarantee its viability.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

By working with honesty, openness, transparency and motivation, with the sole objective of the welfare of your Community and with a group of professionals in continuous training and, at least, bilingual in English and Spanish, we will work to achieve significant savings and your Community will have continuous advice to solve the problems that the functions of the president or the committee of the community entail.

Resortalia will be responsible for:

  • Maintenance of an updated register of members.

  • The integral accounting of the community of owners.

  • Preparing and notifying the summons to the General Meetings with their respective agenda.

  • Drawing up and notifying all the members of the community of the Minutes of the meetings.

  • Resortalia will carry out the usual acts for the administration and conservation of the installations of the community complex.

  • To take action on the acts of an urgent nature with the prior agreement of the President.

  • Out-of-court claims for possible non-payment of community fees.

  • Overseeing the Statutes and the Horizontal Property Law and Administrative Law in force (EUCC).

  • Acting on the legal and regulatory rules on co-ownership of property.

  • Integral management of common expenses.

  • Propose to the President to insist, if necessary, before the competent Courts, the application of fines or sanctions.

  • To report the occurrence of any unlawful act occurring within the complex.

  • Bring to the attention of the Presidency of the Community any act of illegal occupation or damage.

  • Resortalia will take care of the preparation of budgets and reports with rendering of accounts.

  • To deal with the insurance policy companies in favour of the community of owners for compensation.

  • Receive queries and suggestions from any member of the community.

Resortalia Administración De Fincas
Resortalia administracion de fincas