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RESORTALIA is accredited as a rehabilitation agent and manager within the aid and subsidies for communities of owners included in the european funds recovery plan

Resortalia se acredita como agente y gestor de rehabilitación dentro de las ayudas y subvenciones para las comunidades de propietarios incluidas en el Plan de recuperación de los Fondos Europeos

A few months ago, the national government presented the “Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia” (Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan), which will guide the execution until 2023 of 72,000 million euros of European Next Generation funds, earmarked to repair the immediate economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In many cases, the regional governments will be responsible for implementing the procedures once the funds are available. Among the aids, there are some from which communities of owners will be able to benefit.

Within the aforementioned plan there is, for example, a programme aimed at ascertaining the state of buildings within the “Programme for the preparation of the existing Building Book for refurbishment and the drafting of repair program”. This programme has, among others, direct subsidies of between 700 and 3,500 € for the elaboration of the Building Book and between 4,000 and 30,000 € for the elaboration of the Repair Program.

There is also another programme for actions aimed at improving energy efficiency at building level, with grants ranging from €6,300 to €18,800, which will be linked to achieving energy savings of between 30 % and 60 %, as well as actions to improve the façades, roof, elements of the envelope such as carpentry, etc.

For the application of these aids, it can be found the “agent and manager of rehabilitation” that can present, process and even execute the aid for energy rehabilitation, and whose fees would also be included in the eligible costs.

Resortalia will include this management in its supply of services.

With these grants, possibilities for improvements to buildings to adapt to more sustainable times are opened up. This challenge needs the best coordination between public administrations so that the aid reaches the communities of owners and neighbours.

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